About Plugin
Argus is the WordPress plugin that connects your website to a discord server and allows you to use automatically updated information on the site. The plugin adds to the site next functionality:
  • Output chat from the channel to your website.
  • Output channels list from the server to your website.
  • Output invite banner on your website and add members counter to it.
  • Output default Discord iFrame widget.
  • Output list of members from the server.
  • Output pinned messages from the selected channel.
  • Output server roles list.
  • Add an invitation link anywhere on your site with a shortcode.
  • Add an authorization/registration button anywhere on your site with a shortcode.
  • Output members count anywhere on your site with a shortcode.
  • Syncronize WP user roles with Discord member roles.
  • Send quick messages to connected channel right from Dashboard.
  • Automatically send announcement message with excerpt and link about posts or Woocommerce item.
  • Let visitors live comments on posts and Woocommerce items with Discord account.
  • Paint WordPress admin panel to Discord color scheme.
Last modified 3mo ago
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