Data Update from Discord Server
All data used by the plugin are not downloaded from the server every time a visitor of the website updated the page. Data updating in different time intervals and copy of downloaded data stores in website memory.
In the WordPress admin panel go to Settings --> Discord and open Data Updates tab. There you can find Update All Data button that will allow you to update all data from the Discord server right now. Update User Roles button will allow you to sync the roles of all users with a connected Discord account.
Also, you can update each data type separately by clicking the Update button next to the scheduled intervals.
Update Intervals
Profile data
Application data
Guild data
Members data
Roles data
Channels data
Invites data
Messages data
Pinned messages data
twice daily
Roles synchronization
once in 4 days
Invites for channels are not updating automatically. They are created on-demand when you use them in the widget, block, or shortcode.
Last modified 17d ago
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