Discord Server Setup
To set up the plugin correctly you need to create a Discord bot for your website and give it correct permissions and settings. For beginning authorize in your profile on discord.com
Go to an applications page discord.com/developers/applications and press a New Application button in the top right corner.
You will be asked to assign a name, choose that comfortable for you to remember that this setup is for the website.
Now go to an OAuth2 page from the left side main menu. There you will find a Redirects section, use the Add Redirect button to add your domain name in this format https://my-site.com/
Now go to the Bot page from the left main menu and use Add Bot button to add a new bot.
A new bot will appear. You will be able to assign a username and an icon for the bot. Basically, this will be the name and avatar of messages which plugin will be sent from the website. If you scroll a little further you will see the bot setting. For proper work, you need to disable PUBLIC BOT option and enable SERVER MEMBERS INTENT option.
Now, go to the general settings of the server in your Discord application (this is not in discord.com/developers/ portal it is in the regular client) and go to Widget page. There enable Enable Server Widget option.
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