Authorization Button Shortcode
This is an enclosing shortcode. It outputs an HTML link for authorization with Discord profile. You can set shortcode attributes to alter its behavior.
Text of the link - is a text of the link. If text is not set the default display will switch between Logout and Login with Discord texts.
redirect - attribute will allow you to choose where a user should be redirected after successful authorization. last - is the page where the button is located on. prev - is one page before the last page.
style - attribute will allow you to add style to the button. default - is the default styling of the button.
Shortcode example:
[dwpp-authorization-button]Time to login[/dwpp-authorization-button]
You can enable Discord styling for this authorization and comments buttons in the WordPress admin panel go to Settings --> Discord and scroll down to Settings section. In Styling subsection you have the option to add styling to authorization buttons.
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