Chat Messages Widget
Chat messages widget outputting messages of a selected channel. You can use widget settings to alter its behavior
Widget color scheme - will allow you to select a visual style to display on the website.
Title - is a text that will be written in the header of the widget, next to the icon.
Get messages from channel - is a source channel where the widget will be taking messages from.
Display only pinned messages - will allow you to output all pinned messages from the channel and no other.
Display Tenor messages - will allow you to download tenner video memes and show them in the chat.
Tener videos a played automatically this may have an influence on the total amount of traffic your visitors will spend browsing your website. But it looks cool.
Display images in messages - will allow you to display images from the chat. If this is disabled but links are allowed then images will be shown as links.
If you remove the title header will disappear.
Display images and Tenor as text links if they are disabled - will allow you to display images and Tenor as text links if they are disabled. Links will be displayed as text, not as active links.
Display custom emojis in messages - will allow you to display images of custom emojis in messages.
Display quantity - this is the number of messages that will be displayed.
Messages area maximum height - this number, in pixels, will limit the maximum height of the messages area. If messages will need more space then a scroll will appear.
Footer text - is a text in the footer of the widget, it is a call to action near an invitation button.
Invite to channel - is the channel to which visitor will be joined if clicks the invitation button.
If you remove the footer text and invite footer will disappear.
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